Grosvenor House

According to accounts in the College Archives and Special Collections, Grosvenor House was built in approximately 1865. In a letter dated December 8, 1941, Walter A. Dyer writes, "I had a dim recollection that the house was originally built by George Cutler, father of the present George Cutler." Cutler sold it to Professor L. C. Seelye, who later sold it to Edwin Augustus Grosvenor, also a professor at the College.

    After Grosvenor died in 1936, his son Gilbert Grosvenor '97, President of the National Geographic Society, donated $5,000 to help make the building into a main faculty office, completed in June of 1937. (A & SC Buildings & Grounds Collection, box 10, folder 14). Today, Grosvenor is home to the offices of the Classics department, which moved there in 1967. (Photos taken 12 October 2001).

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