Kirby Memorial Theater

Kirby Memorial Theater was built in 1938-39, on the site of the Boyden House, a home that was at one point a temporary College cafeteria before
Hitchcock Hall and Valentine Hall. The Boyden House was moved in 1937, and the theater was built after the College secured funds from a trust fund set up by Dr. Ellwood R. Kirby, a friend of the father of Richard MacMeekin '34, a college Masquer (King, 245).

  The building was designed by James Kellum Smith '15 of McKim, Mead & White, with the help of S.R. McCandless, a theater designer (King, 245). At the dedication on March 17, 1939, the actor
Burgess Meredith, ex '31, spoke (King, 246).

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