A Note on Sources

Some of the information on the history of the buildings used in the text of "Amherstiana: The Campus," is common knowledge I learned while a student at Amherst. Most of it, however, especially specific dates, architects, donors, and costs, comes from President Stanley King's campus architecture classic "The Consecrated Eminence": The Story of the Campus and Buildings of Amherst College (Plimpton Press: 1952). All information from King's book is noted with his name and the page number.

The more obscure information about early buildings and most general information about buildings that post-date King's book come from the files of the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections. I am grateful to Daria D'Arienzo, John Lancaster, Peter Nelson, and others there for making my research at the Archives a great experience.

A vast majority of the images featured are postcards or photographs from my personal collection, stretching from early 1910s postcards to digital photos from 2001. Some images from King's Consecrated Eminence were used when no postcards or contemporary photos were available, as well as a few photos of buildings from various copies of the Amherst Olio, also from my collection. A number of Bierstadt and Harris' beautiful artotypes from Sunlight Pictures: Amherst were reproduced as well (Artotype Publishing Co.: 1891). All non-postcard images are identified with a source and date.

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