About the Collection:

The George Hibbert Driver '00 Collection consists of a large, 60-page scrapbook filled with every conceivable piece of ephemera a college student might care to keep, and more. From the certificate of admission from Amherst College in the winter of 1896 to his first Alumni fund contribution receipt in the spring of 1900, Driver's collection of memorabilia is a remarkable document of everyday college life at the turn of the century. The collection also contains four Olio yearbooks from 1898 to 1900, as well as several loose ephemera items. Driver pasted many items on each page in such a way that only one layer is visible without folding back the topmost items. Only those items will be visible in the scans, but the other items on the page will be described in the captions. For the time being, the loose items and the first six disbound pages of the scrapbook will be the only items on display.

About George Hibbert Driver '00:

Driver hailed from Wakefield, Massachusetts, the son of George Hibbert Smith Driver, of Canterbury & Driver Real Estate, Mortgages, and Insurance of Boston. He graduated from Wakefield High School in the Spring of 1896, and entered Amherst that September. Check out Driver's entry in the College Centennial Biographic Record at Richard Yanco's Amherst History site.