About the Collection:

The J. Harold Merrick '21 Collection is a large "College Memory Book" with 36 pages filled with clippings, photographs, ticket stubs, and any other souvenirs Hal Merrick collected in his years at Amherst. The pages were photographed with a digital camera, and given explanatory captions because many of the items are difficult to make out in the photographs.

About J. Harold Merrick '21:

Merrick was born in Wilbraham, Massachusetts on May 19, 1899, the son of Charles Stuart Merrick, Amherst Class of 1879. His three brothers Charles, Richard, and Theodore all attended Amherst after him, as well. For more biographical information, check out Merrick's entry in the College Centennial Biographic Record at Richard Yanco's Amherst History site.