Stephen Thurlow '72 and Nathan Barrows '72 Stereoview

This unique stereoview shows two college men relaxing in a sitting room. The back of the stereoview is filled with writing about the two men in the view, identifying them as Stephen A. Thurlow '72 and Nathan D. Barrows '72.

"Mary Washburn from S. A. T. For Christmas, 1869. Stephen Thurlow of Minot, Maine (with the beard) at Amherst College Massachusetts. Nathan D. Barrows of Otisfield (?), Maine was a classmate of Stephen's so this apparantly is Nathan Barrows.

Attended Lewiston Falls Acad. and Hebron Academy - Taught many years at Pottsville, Pennsylvania was Chataquan lecturer, also.

Never was without that beard, from 20 yrs. old to his death -

Return Mrs. Wm. E. Briggs 437 Court St. Auburn"

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