Vehicles of Amherst College, March-May 1996

In the spring of 1996, I decided to try to photograph as many official, numbered College vehicles as I could find, with interesting backgrounds and locations if possible. Over the course of three months, I captured 31, with numbers ranging from 1 to 141. I had a number of the photographs developed, but one particular roll of black and white film I decided to have developed as a contact sheet to see if I really wanted to pay to have the whole roll developed.

I didn't do much about the project my senior year, and the following summer, I moved all of my boxes into a basement storage area beneath the apartment I was to move into in the fall. After a road trip to Alaska, I returned in the fall and found that the basement had flooded, turning to goo many of my photographs. This contact sheet is all that remains of the short-lived Vehicles of Amherst College project, one of my first forays into Amherstiana. Click a photo to view a larger version.

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