The Lord Jeffery Amherst Club House

The Lord Jeffery Amherst Club, founded in 1935, was an organization designed to "solve the problem of how to offer non-fraternity men the social life which the fraternity offers its members."
(Olio 1941, 151). It welcomed any non-affiliated men into its ranks, and helped prepare freshmen for entry into fraternities as sophomores.

The Club Room of the Lord Jeff Club in Morgan Hall, as pictured in the 1941 Olio. The club was housed in Morgan from 1936 until 1946, when the old Edward Strong '55 house at 50 Lincoln Avenue was re-purchased by the College (after being given to the College in 1904 and sold that same year) and turned into the Lord Jeff Clubhouse (King, 129). The Club was disbanded by at least 1958, judging from its absence in that year's
Olio and reference to the house at 50 Lincoln Avenue as the independent Seelye House.

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