Morgan Hall

After a subscription campaign to raise money for a college library was begun in 1850, construction on Morgan Library started in 1852. Henry Sykes, who also designed the Octagon a number of years before, designed the building. Original construction was completed in 1853.

  After completion of
Converse in 1916, Morgan Library became Morgan Hall, home to a variety of departments including the Fine Arts Department, who called Morgan home until the construction of Mead in 1949. An addition was made in 1883, and James Kellum Smith designed a remodeling of the stack section of the library for use as a "clubroom for the Lord Jeffery Amherst Club" in 1935 (King, 313). The building is currently home to sociology and history department offices.

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The G. L. Nichols Collection: Morgan and College Hall photo (lower right)

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