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Various collections including images from Amherst past, a pictorial history of fraternity houses at Amherst, and four years of dorm life in the 1990s. Stereoviews of Amherst by J.L. Lovell, as well as photographs of sports teams and daily dorm life. Programs from Senior Dramatics shows, college debates, dances, and other gatherings.
Also, a variety of Commencement programs from 1834 to 1997.
Sheet music, long play records, 78 rpm albums, and even a piano roll, all containing songs about Amherst.
Tobacco leathers, flags, and pennants with images of Amherst and the College seal on them, as well as sports memorabilia and rugs. Various catalogs, speeches, and pamphlets that chart the College's history, including one of the earliest College catalogues and a manual on the Art of Swimming. Medals that celebrate the Centennial of Amherst in 1921, show membership for various class reunions, and reward victory in various athletic meets. Collections and scrapbooks of photos, tickets, and other material that once belonged to students and professors connected with the College, from 1896 to 1939.
Those special items that don't fit in any other category, like a College Row tin ashtray and a sticker promoting an early production of "As You Like It." A clickable map of the campus, with photos and information cataloging the buildings, monuments, and other elements of the Amherst campus over the years. A collection of items signed by the presidents of Amherst as well as other important figures in the history of the College.
Photos of Amherst from the 1990s to today, showing new buildings, recent events, and other items of interest.
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