North and South Colleges College Row J. Chapel, North & South College Row College Buildings
Amherst College Williston Hall Williston Hall Williston Hall Williston Hall
College Green Looking South North College North College North & Johnson Chapel South College
South & Johnson Chapel Appleton Cabinet Appleton Cabinet Appleton Interior, East Appleton Interior, West
Interior of Cabinet N. Side looking W. Interior of Cabinet So. side looking W. Mather Collection I Mather Collection II  
Barrett Hall Barrett Hall East College College Hall East College & Church
College Well College Well Wood's Cabinet Observatory Lawrence Hall
Class of 1867 Walker Hall Walker Hall Walker Ruins President's House, Library
President's House and College Library New Church New Church Interior New Chapel Interior New Chapel Interior II
Chapel Interior Interior of Gymnasium Sabrina Sabrina  
From Tower North From Tower North by West North Northwest from Tower From Tower NW II From Tower NNW
From Tower NW III From Tower NW View of Amherst From Tower WNW From Tower West
From Tower Southwest SW from Coll. Tower From Tower South by Southwest S. From Coll. Tower From Tower East
From Tower Northeast From Tower Northeast II
Park and College College from NE College from NE College from NW College
College Walk View from West College Hill looking East View from East College Hill looking West View from East College Hill looking East Walk from Chapel
Stephen Thurlow '72 Group

Kappa Theta House Pratt Field Psiu U House Phi Delta Theta House DKE House
College Dormitory Room 1897 Baseball Team The Octagon Cabinet Card The College Sabrina Cabinet Card
  View from Walker Hall "Our Across the Hall Neighbors" Joseph K. Chickering  

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